Paola Quintero Jewelry. One of a kind, Art jewelry
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      Bienvenidos 🌻

      Thanks for stoping by,

      Most of the pieces on my shop are one of a kind, that means that most of the pieces are originals, and most likely with no equal.

      So my advise to you is: If you see it and you like it, just get it!

      Chances are you won’t see it again.

      My work is 100% hand crafted in my home studio located in beautiful Colorado; here I do in-house casting, setting, designing, etc.

      Sterling and fine silver, gold, copper and brass are my favorite metaIs; I also use wood, resin, found objects, concrete, metal clay, gemstones and all sorts of beads and treasures that I have been collecting over the years and throughout our many travels. Traveling has opened my perspective, my view of the world and always brings many sources of inspiration in to my work.

      When making jewelry I often find myself in a “Flow” state, I’m at peace.      The process is simple; first the inspiration comes from the source and then you connect with your favorite piece 🌻 It’s you and your Talisman.

      Picture of myself wearing a T-shirt with the picture of my beloved dog.
      ****A friendly reminder:

      As most of my listings are one of a kind pieces, please take the time to read throughout the information provided with each listing’s description; pay attention to details such as size, colors, textures, materials, dimentions, weight, shape, before getting your piece ordered.